Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Newspaper Writing Tips - Uncover 4 Phenomenal Methods to Excel

1. Get educated. Start by getting a degree in mass communication and by attending relevant seminars that are hosted by great, renowned journalist. This is important as this will help you understand the trade. It's also through this that you'll be able to develop and later on, hone your news writing skills.
2. Learn from the experts. Make it a habit to read news articles that were written by respected journalists. While you're at it, determine what these news articles are made of. Then, pay attention to the writing format and elements that were used in making these articles stand out from the crowd. Apply your observations the moment you start tapping on your keyboard.
3. Be careful in choosing your stories. Consider the kind of newspaper that you're writing for and your target audience when choosing your stories. If you're writing for broadsheets, it's a must that you focus your attention on more important issues about the government, politics, and issues around the globe. If you're writing for tabloids, you can go ahead and write about entertainment, police reports, and other issues that are happening in your local community.
4. Data gathering. Be very thorough when researching your chosen stories. It's important that you capture all the information that your readers need to know so I suggest that you do not leave any stone unturned. Then, verify all the data that you've gathered. It's important for you to make sure that every detail you include in your articles is based on facts. Remember, one unverified information can mislead your readers and this can hurt your credibility.
By the way, do you want to learn more about using articles like this to drive traffic to your website and increase online conversions?

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Basics of Single Mom Education Grants

Are you divorced with your husband? Did the father of your child leave you early on during your pregnancy? Have you experienced teenage pregnancy? If your answer is yes in any of the question posted, then you belong to the statistics of single mothers.
Single mothers tend to experience a lot of hardships in life especially in terms of money matters. They have to work in order to support their child or children and they also have to be both the mother and the father for the young kids. In order to give a better future for the kids, single mothers need to have good paying jobs. Good paying jobs nowadays require you to finish your college course in order for you to qualify.
In order to answer that need, the government is now giving single mom education grants to those who are qualified for it. So, instead of spending a lot of money for the education of single mothers, or loaning it from the bank, which they would have to pay eventually, then can get scholarships instead.
The single mom education grants are a big help for it means that they have the opportunity to have better jobs and better pays as well. They will be able to view the world differently and they can be seen as good role models for their child, even though they do not have a complete family.
If you have been following the news lately, President Barack Obama raised the fund for each Federal Pell Grant to $5,000. The President is in full support of the program because he relates to single parents out there. After all, his mother is a single mom also.
There is no day like today so seize the opportunity to make your lives a lot better. Apply for a single mom education grant today.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Currency Education Courses

Currency education courses will give you proven strategies you can which can get you quickly on the road to trading success and best of all you get to try them risk free. Let's tale a look at what the best courses and how you can benefit.
If you want to win at currency trading you need to learn skills, as its a well known fact that 95% of traders lose money. Many new traders try and get a short cut to success by buying a cheap Forex robot but these systems, with their claims of making a huge income, for spending a hundred dollars or so, soon see the trader get a reality check as he loses his equity. If trading success were that easy, 95% of traders wouldn't lose money. You have to learn skills but the good news is for those traders willing to make an effort the rewards are enormous.
The best courses will teach you all you need to know in a few weeks, you will learn proven strategies and the logic behind them so you will be able to trade with confidence. Most courses also provide daily classrooms, where the vendor will trade the system in real time, so you can see how successful it is.
You have no risk when using a course, because all the best ones come with 100% money back guarantees - if you don't like the strategy or simply decide Forex trading is not for you, you get your money back.
Currency education courses, offer you the chance to learn to trade and see if you have what it takes, to become a currency trader from home, you have everything to gain and nothing to lose by trying them - so get a good one and get on the road to trading success!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Stock Trading Education

Thanks to low interest rates, the "idea" of stock trading has become more popular by the day. Why settle for a lowly 1% return when you could easily get 5-10% trading stocks?
I emphasize "idea" because, while a lot of people have thought about entering the market, only a few seem to take action. Be it the fear of losing money or the unknown, people just cannot seem to muster up the courage to jump into the markets.
There are really only 4 steps to start trading stocks:
  1. First, you must sign up for an online stock brokerage.
  2. Second, you must fund your account.
  3. Third, research potential stocks to trade.
  4. Finally, make a stock trade and hope for the best.

Before you start making trades you must have a trading strategy:
  • How much are you looking to make?
  • What is your time frame?
  • How much money do you have to play with?
  • Do you have expertise on a sector (i.e. Health, Energy, Materials).

There are a couple things to keep in mind when researching for stocks:
  • Does this stock have enough room to move within your time frame?
  • Does it have enough volatility or growth to meet the returns you want?
  • Is there any potential looming bad news that could cripple this stock?
  • What should ultimately drive the stock price higher?

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Scholarship Programs and Education Benefits For Navy Spouses

While military spouses aren't covered by the same tuition assistance benefits to the same degree as their active duty service members, the funds available through education programs for spouses and family members sure are helpful in defraying the costs associated with earning a college or vocational degree.
Here are some of the assistance programs and opportunities offered to Navy spouses:
SOCNAV, the Service Members Opportunity Colleges degree program, consists of colleges that offer degree programs on, or accessible to installations worldwide. SOCNAV guarantees that adult family members can continue to work towards attaining their degrees, even if they experience frequent Navy transfers. Distance learning, which requires no classroom residency, is another option available under this program.
The Navy Marine Corps Relief Society (NMCRS) offers the Spouse Tuition Aid Program to spouses whose service members are on active duty and stationed overseas. The spouse may be a full or part-time student studying towards a vocational certificate or college degree. At the undergraduate level, a maximum of $300 per semester and $1500 per year is authorized, whereas the total allowed for pursuing a graduate degree is $350 per semester and $1750 annually.
Spouses of active duty members can apply for the Vice Admiral E.P. Travers Scholarship and Loan Program as long as he or she is a full-time undergraduate student at an accredited academic institution. Here is a brief description:
- 1000 grants at $2000 each are awarded each academic year.
- Applicants are also evaluated for an interest-free student of up to $3000.
- Repayment of the loan begins within 30 days of award and must be repaid by allotment within two years.
- The application deadline is March 1st of each year.
- Applications received after the deadline will not be considered for the scholarship; however, they will be evaluated for loan purposes.
There is more good news for military spouses - A special provision of the Post-9/11 GI Bill offers education benefits for the spouses and children of service members. The new law gives the Department of Defense authorization to allow those who have served a minimum of six years in the Armed Forces, and who agree to serve at least four more, to transfer their unused GI Bill entitlement to their spouse. Also, when a service member reaches their 10-year anniversary, they have the option of transferring the benefit to their spouse or any of their dependents.
Regarding scholarships and grants, many go unclaimed because people just aren't sure where to find them. Fortunately, there is a valuable online resource to help locate scholarship opportunities with details as to how, where and when to apply. Log on to and visit the "Scholarship Finder" which lists over 1,000 scholarships from a variety of sources. It's never too early to start your search, as many application deadlines are as early as an entire year in advance.
It's important to pay close attention to all qualification requirements, deadlines, and required paperwork when making application for tuition assistance. Don't wait until the last minute!
For the latest information concerning Military education benefits and procedures, please visit your education counseling office.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

The Benefits of Getting Currency Trading Education

There are a lot of things to be said about learning forex trading. In fact, one could go on talking for hours as long as it's about currency trading education and how to acquire knowledge on the field of forex trading. So this article provides you me precise thoughts on learning about forex trading.
It will be easy to start with how forex trading is defined. Just like a business of any other, it follows a plan. It helps to have your separate accounting records, bank accounts and a system of your own. You also need to work on it daily and consistently keep yourself updated of relevant information through news sites that offer such. What's more, you can also try the latest products from time to time and browse blogs and forums too! Simply put, trading is a serious business that requires your undivided attention.
To succeed in this field, a good trading strategy just won't suffice. Discipline is also a vital part to stay on track even if you encounter a couple of losses because you'll eventually profits anytime soon. Despite being a basic pre-requisite, most traders fail to have it. Why?
It's due to the fact that most of them treat these losses personally so they make variations that backfire. Traders like such should know that a long term victory is through short term and small losses.
To be supplied with the right currency trading education, you should be able to stick to your system and maintain your discipline. This way you'll be able to earn enough in the trading business which is what its supposed to be in the first place.
By the time you get to learn everything you need to know from currency trading education, you'll surely get confidence and get used to the industry as a disciplined trader who is earning huge bucks.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Government Sets Up Aid For Education

If you are a single mother and are struggling to make ends meet, you know that you could do much better if you had a college education. I'm sure at some point this thought has either entered your mind or has actually been spoken to you by someone you know. Many times people don't have the money to go back to school, thus it leaves you feeling like you're stuck in a situation you may not be able to come out of.
There are countless reasons why many women never finished their education after they graduated from high school. Unfortunately, a very common reason is due to the family not having the financial ability to send their children to school. Many times family members had to immediately go to work after finishing high school just to support the family itself.
Other times women may have decided that they would like to start a family and then go and finish college later. The truth of the matter is we all know that once you have children what you really want to do is not always possible. Keeping up with the expense of children can be quite exhausting as well as financially straining.
The good news is that Pres. Obama has created a scholarship for mothers program that gives single mothers financial aid up to the amount of $10,000 to return to school. Understand that this is money that you never have to pay back like a loan. Obama himself has said that he wants all women to return to school and finish their education. They are now making it possible through the financial aid the government has set up.
Don't waste a lot of time thinking about it however because the money will not last forever. If you are serious about putting yourself and your family in a better situation, then you should act quickly.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Do Educational Toys Promote Early Childhood Development

From the time a child is born, parents enthusiastically wait for the day that they witness the "Developmental Milestones" of their child. The joy that parents experience the first time that their child rolls over, crawls and then begins to walk will most likely be shared with everyone they know. These milestones are all signs of a child's physical development as well as the maturation of their brain. 
The physical development of children is divided into two main areas, Gross Motor Skills and Fine Motor Skills. Motor skills are actions that involve the deliberate and controlled movements of muscles in the body. Gross motor skills are the large body movements that involve legs, arms and the entire body, these activities include crawling, walking, running, jumping, climbing, etc. Fine motor skills involve more precise and smaller movements that involve hands, fingers, wrist, feet, toes and eyes, these activities include eye-hand coordination, grasping objects, stacking objects, writing, etc.
Keeping in mind that the following is not meant to be all inclusive, below is an overview of some of the physical development milestones that parents can begin to notice in their child from infancy to six years of age...
  • Newborn: Reflex motions such as sucking, limited hands, arms and leg movement
  • 3 - 12 Months: Lifts head while lying on stomach, rolls over, grasps rattle, sits without support, rocks on hands and knees, pick up small objects, move objects from one hand to another, sits up with out help, crawls and can walk holding on to someone or something
  • 12 Months - 2 Years of Age: Walks and runs, climbs stairs, throws, feeds self usually with hands, builds with blocks, imitates adults, begins using utensils to feed self, scribbles
  • 2 - 3 Years of Age: Jumps in place, hops, balances on one foot, helps in getting dressed, uses spoon and fork properly, uses toilet, draws stick people, rides tri-cycle, begins using scissors
  • 3 - 4 Years of Age: Runs, skips, hops on one foot, throws and catches various size balls, dress self, shows dominance in hand usage
  • 4 - 5 Years of Age: Builds with smaller objects, colors within the lines, rides a two wheel bike cycle with training wheels, bounces, catches and throws balls with more accuracy
  •  5 - 6 Years of Age: Ties shoelaces, cuts with a knife, jumps rope

A CBS News Report entitled "Baby Toys Have Lasting Effects" reveals that a Stanford University School of Medicine researchers studies indicate, "the brain regions that help children sense and interpret the world are dramatically affected by early childhood experiences, and educational toys that stimulate young minds and encourage them to explore the world in a new way may help build their brain for future tasks".Although both areas of motor skill development is a continuous progression over time, educational toys can play a major role in the development of fine motor skills for children from infancy to 6 years of age. The various shapes, colors and design configurations stimulate and challenge eye-hand coordination, visual tracking, shape and color recognition, depth perception as well as language development, all while having fun. But isn't that a parents desire for their child in a seemingly stressful complex world? To learn and grow while having fun which will prepare their child to be a successful, productive adult?
APlusEducationalToys is committed to helping children have fun while they learn and grow. With over 30 years of experience in child development, early childhood education and over 25 years in children, youth, family and adult ministry, we offer you expert advice and guidance choosing age appropriate, creative educational toys for your child. For more information and to view our products, come visit us at...

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Online Education - Get Your Degree Online Today

Sadly, not everyone has the time to be physically present in school and attend various classes. Most people tend to be busy building their own businesses and careers that getting a college degree seems to become a hassle. The good news is that more and more institutions are starting to offer online education for you to get your own degree. The process is very simple and can be very rewarding with the right amount of perseverance and determination to excel.
There are options that you need to consider when applying for online education. One of these options includes the credibility of the institution. If the institution is accredited by the regulatory board, this makes an online university more eligible in releasing diplomas to online students. Like a normal university, degrees that are offered online also vary from criminal justice, advertising and science. Whether you simply want to get a certificate for a simple course or a serious degree in a particular art, there would definitely be a program that you can participate in.
Aside from college bachelor degrees, you can also enroll in master degrees for those who want to continue their graduate studies. One of the benefits of participating in this kind of program is that it allows you to take full control of your time. You can always have your own plan for leisure as well as your studies. Unlike going into physical colleges, you are free from peer pressure and the idea of dealing with different social groups.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Green Energy Jobs Boost Solar Education

It was good news for renewable energy industry when the congress passed bill to extend energy grants to 8 more years. Since then the renewable energy is growing day by day. Solar energy and wind energy are most popular application of alternative energy. Many people are relying on these sources to generate electricity for their home. The limitation with wind turbines is that they need large place to install. On the other hand the solar panels can be mounted on any place as long as it gets direct sun light. That's why the solar energy is more popular then wind energy.
Solar products are the easiest form of using solar energy in day to day life. A solar gadget like solar powered attic fan, solar tubular skylight helps homeowners and businesses to reduce their energy bill. These products help reduces the carbon footprint and the environment too. The growing demand of solar products needs more production. Because of that the supply of certified installers or professionals is in demand.
The economy meltdown made many people lose jobs. Many industries are falling apart making it difficult to survive. The jobless people are considering changing career. The economists predict that in the future the solar industry will rise more than today and it will need more professionals.
To fulfill future demand of certified installers or professionals the universities and institutions are offering various courses. Many schools in the world are adding solar education and global warming in their school curriculum. Many institutes offer online courses and webinars to get started the career in solar industry.
Online classes are offered by many institutions that help to start career in this fast growing industry. Online courses are fully comprehensive and teach design, installation and maintenance of solar power systems. The certification courses are designed to educate the students about the basics of solar power, PV installer certification and solar thermal certification.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Advice on a Career in Education Technology

If you think the educational development career path is where you want to go, then I think you should take a typical job description  from a university hiring announcement and use the duty description as a template to start looking at how you can add skills that support each of the bullet comments.
The first step is to find a fairly standardized job description for a curriculum developer skill set that every college must have in order to meet the needs of the digital age.
Colleges and  universities realize that the genie of technology and digital learning cannot be put back in the bottle.
In the same way that modern cars are too complex for people to fix on their own and need a skilled technician, colleges and professors will always be the skills of educational mission and translate their knowledge into teachable materials in multiple media.
I think you can quickly develop all the skills required to be able to blend the art and science education technology. But only you can decide if this is an area that you are passionate about and are willing to commit to.
If you are, then I think you already know what you need to start doing, which is to begin acquiring the specific skills that employers are looking for in which can be documented without question. In this technical career field, examples of your performance speak volumes.
The good news for you is that you have many people available to use as a resource to help you in this specific area since more and more people are choosing this career path. A good mentor will be able to give you a hint and a push every once in a while.
A good book that can help you appreciate the technical challenges and rewards of this career field is entitled Understanding by Design, written by Grant Wiggins and Jay McTighe
Ken Long, Chief of Research, Tortoise Capital Management

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Forex Education

It's a known fact that 95% of traders lose at forex trading and if you don't want to join the majority, you need to understand the two points enclosed and make them part of your essential Forex education.
The good news is anyone can win at forex trading, if they have the right education and mindset. Let's look at the two key points you need to consider which can put you on the road to success.
1. Forex Expert Advisors and Robots Will not Help You Win
There is a huge industry in these "sure fire" trading systems and the sales copy tells you that you will get rich with no effort, all you do is pay a couple of hundred of dollars and a life long income will be yours. If this was as easy as this, the whole world would be trading and not working; these systems don't work and that's why there so cheap. If you want to win at forex trading understand this:
You need to make an effort and you need to learn skills, you don't get rich without making an effort and that's a fact.
2. Understand the Unique Skills You Need to Win
Forex trading is not hard to learn and anyone can learn a method that works; the hard part of forex trading is getting the mindset to execute your method with discipline.
If you listen to a lot of the self proclaimed experts online, you would think that losing periods happen to other traders and never last long but in forex trading, you will suffer losses and they can last for weeks! This doesn't mean you can't enjoy long term currency trading success, you can but you must learn to trade through these periods, keep losses small and execute your system with discipline.
Discipline is the key trait which separates winners from losers and if you can't follow your system with discipline, you simply don't have one. Discipline comes from a solid Forex education and knowing what your doing and having confidence in your system.
As you can see forex trading success is based on effort but in terms of the effort you have to make, no venture can reward you as much as global forex trading.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Free Educational Websites For Preschool - School-House-Rock

It would be hard to argue the popularity of contemporary children's music today. As innovative as it seems, this is not the first time that the contemporary music of the day was used to educate children. In fact, School House Rock blazed this uncharted territory in the 70's.
For my next article in the series I am going old school. Writing about educational websites without including one that is a salute to School House Rock, would be just plain wrong. Especially when you consider how much kids learned from these short cartoons aired on Saturday mornings. is a free educational website tribute to these brilliant cartoon shorts. The site has four main sections representing four subjects covered by the Schoolhouse Rock videos:
  • America Rock - In this section, you will find music and screen shots from the videos teaching about the founding and history of America as well as how the government works. My personal favorites are "The Preamble" and "I'm Just A Bill".There are also lyrics to the songs and educational product links.
  • Grammar Rock - This section contains music, lyrics and screen shots from videos teaching the uses of Adjectives, Adverbs, Conjunctions, Interjections, Pronouns, Verbs, Nouns, Prepositions, Subjects and Predicates. Favorites here are "Conjunction Junction" and Verb: That's What's Happening".
  • Multiplication Rock - Music in this section teach multiplying by zero, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, eleven and twelve. As with the other sections, there are some screen shots and lyrics.
  • Science Rock - Here children find music, lyrics and screen shots teaching about the body, electricity, the solar system, different sources of energy and gravity.
  • The site also features free software, a history of schoolhouse rock, news and a store.
A drawback for this site is that it does not feature the actual cartoons just the music. But you and the children should enjoy it anyway. I really do wish someone would bring these cartoons back. Even if they were updated. The fact that I can still recite the Preamble to the Constitution from memory is a testament to how well children learn when lessons are set to music and how long they can retain the information.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Using French Education Lessons CD

There are two main reasons why individuals try to learn the French language.
1. One reason is that they want to use it in their personal life, either relocating to an area where that language is primarily spoken or in order to be able to communicate with individuals on a day-to-day basis who speak that language.
2. The other reason is in order to use it for business purposes. The world is really becoming a lot smaller and many businesses have to communicate in more than one language in order to get along. Primarily, you're going to need to know how to speak both English and French to do business in many instances. The easiest way for you to be able to learn the language is by using a French education lessons CD regularly.
There are actually two different types of programs that are available when you are using French education lessons CD. The main type is going to be the one that is run on the computer and it can be used in a number of different ways. First of all, you will be able to hear the word and to see it written out at the same time. This can help you not only to learn the verbal language but also to be able to communicate in writing effectively at the same time.
Another way of using French education lessons CD is by having one that contains audio files that you can play in your car. Most of us find that we are sitting in the car on a regular basis, stuck in traffic on our way to and from work. We can either spend that time listening to music or catching up on the news or we could be learning how to speak another language through the use of one of the CDs. Why not take the time that you are spending in your car and put it to good use in this way?
Of course, there are some of these that come bundled together in one package and those are going to be the most benefit to you. Using French education lessons CDs on your personal computer and in your car is going to give you a well-rounded understanding of the language and help you to progress as quickly as possible. Try it for yourself, you'll be surprised at how much you're going to learn in a short period of time.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Your Financial Education

What We Don't Know CAN Hurt Us
You may have heard that you need to work on your thinking patterns, and change your thoughts and actions to change your life. This is very true, but when it comes to finances, this improvement in mindset must to be backed up with a decent financial education.
What is your financial IQ? Were you taught the rules that the wealthy play by when you were young? Were you even taught the rules that 'normal' people should know so that they can take care of the money they earn, watch it create more money and sail slowly and steadily towards financial freedom?
My guess is NO - not just because you are reading this article, but because MOST of us were not. I certainly wasn't. I don't blame my parents or my teachers for this, however, because they were not taught.
Taking Back Our Power
Because of this gap in our knowledge of how to survive, it is wise to learn the basics of finance, along with the other aspects of developing a true prosperity mindset, although these basics are just the beginning of what can be a lifelong learning journey.
I have spent the recent years of my adult life gaining a financial education, and the more I learn the more I see there is plenty to learn. I do enjoy feeling more and more in control of my money, my time and my investments...and increasingly I see clearly that by being ignorant about how money really works we are dooming ourselves to poverty and fear our entire lives.
Knowledge - and knowledge applied - really is power, in this case. I, for one, will not live in fear and poverty ever again, because I am gaining knowledge - more knowledge than many 'financial advisors' who are taught to sell me a portfolio of diversified investments and who will make their fees whether I make any money or not.
I vow that my child will not live in fear or poverty either. She once had a teacher at school who was always telling her to sit down and be quiet and stop being original - he entirely missed her creativity, her amazing intelligence, and in the process stamped out her eagerness and enthusiasm. He admonished her when using a pen instead of a pencil, warning that when she grows up her boss will fire her for being unwilling to comply with simple instructions. Well, sir, I have NEWS for you: my child will never work in some cubicle with an overbearing boss that threatens her all the time. She's going to respect herself and her abilities far more than that, and moreover, she's got a Mom who is learning money lessons VERY well, and will teach them to her...thus she will be making more money than her teacher by the time she is out of high school and considering University or college.
'Spending' Your Time Wisely
In Donald Trump's latest book, co-authored with Rich Dad, Poor Dad's Robert Kiyosaki - 'Why We Want You To Be Rich' - he has a good point about time and money:
"If you saw time as money, would you be more careful with it? For example, if wasting 15 minutes of your time meant you would lose $500, would you be more aware of how those 15 minutes were spent?" He goes on to say "All the money in the world cannot replace time, so proceed accordingly."
Of course we have all thought about this abstractedly, but that question puts it in a way, for me, that sharply focuses my intentions and reminds me to spend my time efficiently...that means learning how to make, use and invest my money even more wisely so that I have even MORE TIME to spend doing what I choose.
The buck stops here. For those of us - that is most - who did not receive this important education at school or at home, it DOESN'T MATTER. You are all grown up now, and time is tickin'. Take control, and educate yourself. It's your money, and it's your life!